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  • I’ve never acted before, can I book a session?
    Yes, of course. Many beginners don't know where to start and have questions like: What class(es) should I take? Do I need headshots right away? How and where can I audition? Are there specific casting sites I need to belong to? I can answer all of these questions for you and many more.
  • I’ve been in classes but don’t know what to do in order to get an agent. Can you help me?
    Yes, of course. For people who have taken classes and are trying to navigate what's next. I can help you with your materials, understand what an agent does, why you may want one, what's happening in Texas and regionally, and so much more.
  • I have an agent and have booked some good jobs, but I have questions about other markets and managers. Can you help me?
    Yes, of course. For those who are more experienced or have agents, I can help you, too. I am well informed on what is needed for a standout taped audition; I can help you decide if it's necessary to get another agent or manager; and I can help you ensure all your materials are up-to-date, that they represent you well and so much more.
  • I’m interested in voiceover, can you help me with that?
    Yes, of course. I was a VO agent for over a decade. I’m happy to help you understand what you need or how to go further in your career.
  • What is included in your membership?
    Membership includes multiple videos including tips and advice for actors, a monthly blog about the industry, and external helpful resources.
  • When will your membership be available?
    I’m aiming for the end of January. Stay tuned. More details to come.
  • Can I still keep up with the company without a membership?
    Yes. Please subscribe. I will be sending out updates about the company and the local market.
  • I have a quick question, and don't need a full session. Can I ask for your advice?
    Of course. Some answers are really quick and I’m happy to answer. If you need to go more in depth or have more questions, it might be best to book a One-Take Wonder session.
  • What should I do if I’m only available to meet during the evenings and weekends?
    Don't hesitate to contact me directly at, and we can schedule a time.
  • Book a free 15 minute consultation to get started!

    15 min

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